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Greeks, Delta-Hedging, and Exotic Options Seminar for MFE/3F Exam Review

During the Greeks, Delta-Hedging, and Exotic Options Live Online Seminar, participants will be exposed to the many facets of these topics, as its is covered in the MFE syllabus. Instead of presenting formula after formula to memorize, the instructor will introduce topics in a way that is easily understood by the class participants. The material will be covered in blocks, with each block consisting of instruction followed by problem solving. Students may ask questions as time permits.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • The Greeks - what are they? and what do I actually need to know?
  • Elasticity
  • Delta hedging (and hedging other Greeks)
  • Overnight profit
  • Re-hedging
  • Barrier options
  • All-or-nothing options
  • Forward start options
  • Chooser options
  • Max, Min options


Online Class

Date and Time:

11:00AM – 2:00PM EST

Registration Fee:


Additional Benefits of Seminar: All registered students will be provided with access to a recording of the Greeks, Delta-Hedging, and Exotic Options Seminar, including the audio and visual components of the seminar.

Format of Class:

The Greeks, Delta-Hedging, and Exotic Options Seminar will be held in a live virtual setting using a Webex classroom platform. The instructor will conduct the seminar writing important notes on an online classroom blackboard and share attachments with classroom participants, while the entire class is connected in a classroom conference call which can be joined by telephone or VoIP.

Instructor Bio

Dr. Geoffrey Apel received his Ph.D. in 2005 from Northern Illinois University in the area of Computational Number Theory. He also received his MS in Pure Math from the same institution as well as his BS in Mathematics and BS in Computer Science from Millikin University. Since 2003, he has been teaching a full range of mathematics courses, both graduate and undergraduate, at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois. During his tenure there, he helped develop their Actuarial Science Program. Dr. Apel specializes in the instruction of the P/1, FM/2, and MFE exams. His students and colleagues have described him as being energetic, compassionate, and approachable. Dr. Apel has been very successful in helping students pass their actuarial exams.

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